///H U M/A N//C O M P/U T E R
THE ORIGINAL HUMAN COMPUTER CIRCA 1900s /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// BEEP /// BOP /// BOOP ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// ERROR CODE ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// HUMANs @ COMPUTERs MAGICK ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// INTERWEB of LIFE //////////////////////////////////////////////// INTERNET AS RITUAL/////////////////???

my cats idea of cuddling is ignoring me until 4am at which point she sits on my face


Android Kikaider (1972-1973)
Anonymous — i kno ur sick. But damn

Now available at 3 hot locations: hospital or crack den or morgue

Anonymous — You have perfect eye brows


I have over 200 k followers. How do I do it ??? lying

I only post selfies when I look or feel or am dying

Unless you’re not being self centered with your own ego/psyche bullshit, especially on the internet, it’s not impressive and it’s boring and you need to stop


Greg Rivera - The Pleasure of Thought (1997)